Mission and Values

SKYGRiD’s Mission

Our Vision Statement
To be one of Canada’s most admired construction companies by consistently delivering value in terms of quality, service and accountability to our customers, clients and employees.

SKYGRiD’s Core Values

SKYGRiD’s reputation has been built on the values that shape every decision we make:

Synergy: We have great confidence in our abilities and ideas, but we are also progressive enough to know that we can create something even better together. Working with us, and for us, it’s clear that we place great value on the result produced when we work toward a common purpose. At SKYGriD, we create better when we work together and so we are strong believers in keeping the communication lines open.

Loyalty: At SKYGRiD, we build structures to last. And we take a comparable approach to relationships not only with our clients but our team. We recognize that with a deep, abiding loyalty as the solid foundation, the relationship will be built to last and will weather all storms. This is not just a shallow promise: we’ve been working with the same people for years, and that speaks for itself. With loyalty as a core SKYGRiD value, the sky is the limit for our future potential.

Accountability: Your reputation is our reputation. Period. And that’s why accountability is one of the values we hold in high esteem; at the core of every project we undertake; and the current that flows through all the decision-making processes. We are committed to accountability, transparency, and compliance at SKYGRiD.

Proficiency: It is with great pride that we identify ourselves as masters of our craft. Our skillset has been honed, refined, and perfected after our combined decades of experience — and our exceptionally high degree of competence manifests itself in the top-notch quality of our work. The SKYGRiD brand is regarded as a stamp of proficiency throughout the industry and beyond.

Passion: This profound passion for what we do and the people we work with drives our relentless pursuit for perfection and pushes us to always strive to surpass our best work. Our passion motivates our every move and separates us from too-large, soulless bureaucracies where money is the bottom line and people don’t matter. We love what we do – and it shows.