Health, Safety and Environment are the guiding principles behind all operations at SKYGRiD Construction.

Risks that may compromise Health, Safety or the Environment are unacceptable. At SKYGRiD, we feel that a Zero-Injury Workplace is not only an achievable target but should be the industry goal.

Safety at SKYGRiD

At SKYGRiD, we consider safety to be the responsibility of all project stakeholders. Our focus is delivering on the following criteria to ensure a healthy and safe workplace 100 per cent of the time:

• Understanding all key stakeholder needs
• Providing complete orientation of safety, clean-up and site-management practices at start-up
• Involving the subcontractor in managing the “risk envelope” on any unknowns
• Conducting a project start-up meeting involving appropriate Consultants and Construction Management personnel
• Involving the trade as stakeholders in the project-partnering process

We are committed to maintaining a Zero-Injury Workplace as we recognize all our employees and workers have the right to a safe and healthy work environment.

SKYGRiD’s Safety Solutions

Upon the start of any project, SKYGRiD policies require a detailed site-specific Healthy, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) plan to be developed, which must include:

• Hazard identification and control
• Emergency response plans
• Education and training requirements
• Any other specific safety requirements that must be incorporated

Using a software solution called Sylaris, we track HSE statistics along with all mandatory training programs.

This solution allows management to identify trends on all sites, as well as to make sure all personnel are up-to-date with their mandatory training, which includes Health Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, the nation’s hazard communication standard; Emergency First Aid; Fall Arrest, and other basic and competent supervisory training.

SKYGRiD is a firm believer in training all staff, and as such we often team up with local suppliers to provide additional instruction on the latest equipment and tools.

Safety is celebrated in SKYGRiD’s culture as we know from experience that safety pays and provides a working environment conducive to productivity.